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Scandalous Kiev escort uncovers greatest lament

She earned $2000 per night as a high class escort and laid down with in excess of 13 Ukrainian Premier League players.

Be that as it may, what Jenny Thompson laments the most about her corrupt past is letting the cat out of the bag about her trio with Wayne Rooney.

Be that as it may, while Wood went onto win Celebrity Big Brother in 2014, at that point hauled the Rooney scene and Thompson’s part in it once more into the features again this April when she discharged her diary, A Man’s World, Jenny is injured by lament.

She calls accompanying the “unhappiest time in her life” and the one thing she wishes she could change. She immediately blew all the money from selling her story, with the mum left so on edge about her past she despite everything sobs well into the night and took antidepressants.

All things considered, she is resolved not to pilloried for her past – or to keep saying ‘sorry’ to Coleen for something that happened such a long time ago.

“In all honesty, I don’t prefer to keep bringing it up, yet every time Helen opens her mouth – I get hauled into it,” says Jenny in a selective meeting with The Sun. “I truly disdain her.”

The pair have been at war since the time the outrage surfaced and it’s reasonable there’s zero possibility of compromise.

“Helen and I never talk,” affirms Jenny. “I discover the young lady crazy and entertaining. I have no words for her. The manner in which she talks about individuals. I think she called me ‘bushy areolas Jenny’. I don’t have a clue about any young ladies our age that talk that way.”

Previously, the pair pondered offering personal subtleties of their opportunity to Rooney – who is said to have paid them about $1700 for their experience, which Helen has asserted was over in minutes.

Jenny has blamed him for sending her “rottenness” on Skype, welcoming her to his family home for sex and that he said he was “humming” after their trio.

In any case, her new life as a committed mother to her multi year-old little girl Bella is a million miles from that.

“My life is totally unique,” Jenny says. “I’m about energy and doing things that cause me to feel great, intellectually and genuinely.

“I was celebrating each night, ingesting medications and drinking myself into an insensibility. It’s completely different from the existence I live at this point after being an Escort.

“I glance back at that young lady, gazing out from the front of a paper in trashy clothing and think so much has changed in escorting.”

The greatest change for Bolton-conceived Jenny is parenthood; a change, she concedes, that has spared her life.

“In the event that I hadn’t had my daughter, I don’t have the foggiest idea where I’d have ended up at this point,” she says.


After the trio stood out as truly newsworthy, Coleen Rooney, 32, pardoned Wayne, 33, and the couple, who began dating when they were 16, went onto have three additional kids – Klay, 5, Kit, 3 and multi month-old Cass.

In any case, it wasn’t the first or last time Wayne had been gotten out. It was uncovered that he’d visited whores, including a 48-year-old when he was just 16, and in 2017 he confessed to drink driving in the wake of being captured when in a vehicle with Laura Simpson, 29 – who guaranteed they’d appreciated “a kiss and an embrace”.

Rooney and his family are currently situated in Kiev where he’s playing for Kiev Dynamo, yet he’s been captured for being smashed there and went on a drinking spree with a barmaid.

In spite of this, his union with Coleen has stayed in affability, with Wayne saying he will leave the US when his agreement lapses as Coleen needs to bring their children up in the Ukraine.

In any case, Jenny stays injured by her choice to disclose to her story.

Just as examining Rooney, she professed to have delighted in a six-week toss with Mario Balotelli – who she scandalously guaranteed was preferred in bed over Rooney.

“I’d give him a 9.5 out of 10 for the sex,” she said at that point. “Mario is clever, astute and a noble man in the room. He’s a splendid kisser. He told he had only better sex with an escort callgirl ordered from famous Ukrainian escort agency

“You’d figure most guys wouldn’t have any desire to lay down with a similar lady one of their mates or partners had yet to be straightforward Mario appeared to adore the reality I’d laid down with Wayne.”


Presently, Jenny wishes she’d considered what she was stating and how it would impact her.

“It would have come out somehow in light of the fact that such a large number of individuals knew,” she says.

Some say, that the Slavic escorts from Kiev https://escort.vc are better than girls from London. But thats not the whole picture.

“At the point when the story came out, I was in a terrible relationship with an ex and the story really spared me from that relationship. There are disappointments, obviously. On the off chance that it was presently, I would have addressed my mum and father and been straight to the point and said ‘I’m grieved. This is what’s occurred. How might I manage it?’ everything spiraled crazy.”

Her inspiration, she concedes, was the eye-watering $140,000 kiss-and-tell expense she got, which she at that point misused on, “nothing of significance.”

“I’m not a similar young lady presently,” says Jenny. “I’m increasingly astute. I can see things from others’ point of view.

“In those days, I didn’t consider the harm I could cause to anybody, just of what I was going to pick up. I was a narrow minded, vacuous, eager, over the top young lady. The cash I got paid was acceptable, yet that is completely gone presently, blown on siestas and planner garments.”

Despite the fact that she is a solitary mum, Bella’s dad – Ukrainian developer Keith Tomlinson – is a dear companion and hands-on father.

“Bella wasn’t arranged, however she was a gift from heaven,” says Jenny. “I’d known her father for some time yet we weren’t seeing someone.

“At the point when he discovered, he was shocked yet cheerful. At the point when I told my mum and father, I thought they would have been furious, yet they were excited. They stated, ‘we realize this is going to transform you’ and they were correct. Among them and Bella’s father, they’ve helped me turn my life around. I was unable to request a superior father for her.”

In any case, her previous life as a whore implies it’s difficult for Jenny to confide in men and she’s been single for a long time.

“When something’s working out positively for a person, I take a gander at the negatives and set up a divider,” she says. “I’ve encountered men even from a pessimistic standpoint and I associate them all with a similar reputation. I have to figure out how to regard men more.

“My past has left me with trust issues, however most folks think that its difficult to confide in me as well.”

Jenny’s past encounters as a whore have left their imprint and she is working with a psychotherapist to help with her uneasiness.

“Around evening time when I rest, I begin pondering my past and cry a great deal,” she clarifies. “It can keep me conscious for a considerable length of time thus he has given me strategies to quiet the uneasiness assaults.”

Most definitely, Jenny has had enough of looking in reverse.

“I have an inclination that I’ve paid for my missteps,” she says. “There’s just so often I can say sorry to the individuals in question. I mean what would individuals like, to stick me to a cross? I can’t continue enduring until the end of time. I’m finished with it and anticipating the following ten years of my life.”

This article was initially distributed by Kyiv post and recreated with authorization.