Choosing a girl for the evening

Watching the offers of websites with sex offers we often face the basic question which girl to go to this time. After all, we can’t waste our money and secondly we want it to be a nice time. Offers in Poland usually start from 100 PLN that is about 25 USD. It is very difficult to find a sex offer below PLN 100. For example, you can find blowjob service at a price below PLN 100. Such low prices are usually offered by women over 50 who are often obese.
 Analyzing sex ads on the Polish Internet, it is easy to see that there is no such thing as a cheap young girl. In many offers below PLN 200, women are overweight or just very old, i.e. not very attractive. There are, however, ads with very young pretty girls for PLN 150. Such sex ads are false. On arrival at the place we are cheated. It turns out that the girls in the picture are not there at all. Women on the internet lie all the time throwing not their pictures. Usually if a woman writes in an advertisement that she is 20 years old it means that she is at least 30 years old. If he writes that he weighs 60 kilograms, he weighs 70 KG. Interestingly, I don’t understand why they are adding height. Usually, but not always, if he writes that he is 173 cm it means he is about 165 cm tall. Similar cheats in sex offer also apply to services. Very often a girl writing that it is FULL service at a price on the spot, it turns out that you have to pay extra. Only experience makes the client able to assess whether the advertisement is real or what he writes there is a lie.
 Internet forums come with a huge help, where you can warn yourself against fraudsters. The garsonieria forum is the largest Polish Internet forum in this field. The garsoniera forum contains real customer reviews about prostitutes. Thanks to this forum you will find out where the girl is currently visiting. How he behaves towards customers. What standard is her flat in? What services does it do and does it do it well. Every important thing is assessed by customers. Thanks to this forum you can save your money and time.